Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What is Mental Management?

In the book With Winning in Mind, Lanny Bassham defines Mental Management as "the process of improving the probability of having a consistent mental performance under pressure, on demand." What does that mean to you, the blog reader? That may depend.

If you are a serious competitor, you may view Mental Management as the secret weapon to your success and an essential part of your practice and competitive performance. Without a mental system, athletes run the risk of becoming lost or unfocused during a serious competition. Mental Management has helped thousands of competitors across the world compete at the optimum level of their potential.

If you are an amateur competitor who only competes for the fun of the sport, Mental Management may be the extra little push that you need to help you perform in competition similar to your practice.

For the weekend warrior, Mental Management can be used to help increase the probability that your buddies will have to buy you lunch after 18 holes of golf proves your superiority.

For the stage performer, Mental Management can help to unlock your potential and enjoy your performance.

Mental Management was founded in 1977 after Lanny Bassham had been using his system for several years in international competitions and winning! He is an Olympic and World Champion. He also has served as an Olympic Coach and owned his own International Shooting School for 11 years. He has been teaching Mental Management since 1977 and how his children, Troy Bassham and Heather Sumlin are also instructors.

The Mental Management System is a recognized mental training program that is taught to and used by World and Olympic Champions throughout the world. Some of our current and past clients include the PGA and PGA tour players, Miss America finalists, Miss USA winners, World and Olympic champions, Fortune 500 companies, The United States Secret Service, The US Navy SEALS, The United States Army Marksmanship Unit, The US Marine Corps Marksmanship Unit and Olympic teams of USA, Canada, India, Japan, Republic of China, Korea and Australia.

Mental Management products and training have been used in over 50 sport & performance applications including: Archery, Baseball, Basketball, Biathlon, Billiards, Bowling, Business, Cheerleading, Curling, Cycling, Darts, Dog Sports, Drag Racing, Equestrian, Fencing, Figure Skating, Fly Casting, Flying, Football, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Horseshoes, Kayaking, Martial Arts, Pageantry, Personal Growth, Pistol, Raquetball, Rifle, Rodeo, Rowing, Rugby, Sailing, SASS, Skeet, Skeleton, Skiing, Soccer, Sporting Clays, Stage Performance, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Trap, Track & Field, Triathlon, Twirling, Volleyball, Water Sports, Wrestling, Youth Sports and more.

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